Romantic Evening for Two


Romantic Evening for Two

By Colton McCarley


        Michaela and I are always looking for new, fun ideas that are budget friendly given that we are both in college. However, every once in awhile it’s nice to splurge on a well deserved date.  

        If you’re looking for a nice dinner with a breathtaking view look no further than Dallas, Texas. Reunion Tower in Dallas has one of the most spectacular views of the DFW area I’ve seen! The restaurant at the very top (560 Wolfgang Puck) is a five star specialty restaurant with a limited menu but high quality food. With a rotating floor, your view of Dallas is always changing to enhance your experience!  

        The menu is more pricey, I believe I ended up spending around $150 on dinner,  but it is worth every penny given the memories made that night. I kept the entire dinner a surprise from Michaela because when we first met she told me it was her fairy-tale dream date and I wanted her to be blown away. But this was much more than a dinner. This dinner was  the perfect location to gave Michaela a promise ring. Our promise is to stick together no matter what, put love first, and to wait until we finish college to take the next step in our lives. She was blown away by everything and I wouldn’t trade the look she gave me once she saw the ring for anything. It was such a special night, which is why I wanted to share the experience with you all!


Posts will continue to be uploaded by Michaela but I’ll try to make more appearances for y’all. Remember to keep reaching for your goals and always make the most of every moment you have in front of you! Until next time…


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